UTI 4 Man Umpire Clinic Students

Brooks O'Hearn


Aurora, CO

"I’ve never been to a camp where we got more reps, so that was my favorite  part of the camp. Seriously, the best set of instructors I’ve ever had at a clinic! Having instructors at every base was perfect to review each rep in real time. I thought this was one of the best clinics I’ve ever attended. It was well organized and the instruction was over the top! It was one of the best learning environments I’ve been around." 

Craig Frey



Gilbert, AZ

" The videos really help and create a great learning environment for  rules, knowledge, philosophy and demeanor that is expected of us in  order to continue to develop. Enjoyed that we got a lot of reps and great feedback from all instructors. All instructors were engaged! Thank you for providing this clinic."

Matt McHahon


Tucson, AZ

"The personal nature of the instruction was terrific. Also, given the vast amount of experience of the  instructors, one might expect them to boast or show their ego.  Refreshingly, this was not the case at this clinic. There was NEVER a  feeling of being talked down to or that the instructor was above the  student. Instructors embraced  the input from students. What was different about this clinic and perhaps it was due to the size  (big positive) is that the instructors were fully engaged with each  play.  "Mental Reps" gets preached at most clinics, but at this one I feel they  actually occurred. I was extremely impressed with the lack of "war stories" being told  (this is a great thing!). Instead explanations as to why a certain  mechanic could be used in a specific situation. I think this allowed  students to feel better about asking questions and knowing they would  receive a quality answer with an opportunity to learn without feeling  preached to by someone. This was a high quality clinic with a no nonsense approach to learning  but also very fun and family oriented in its own right.  I would  certainly be willing to return as a student to any of your future  clinics. Attending this clinic gave me an incredible amount of  information that I can bring to my game and I learned from everyone this  weekend, students and instructors. It was AWESOME!"

Michael Goebel


Kent, Washington

"The first rapid fire session was probably the most beneficial for me as  it was my worst camp fear realized.  When you explained you did it on  purpose and why I was able to settle in and really learn the rest of the  camp.  I also really appreciated that you kept slowing things down for  us and allowing us more time to add new things to our mental process as  the camp went on.  It was unlike any camp/training I'd been to before  and found that style very beneficial.   

By the time the weekend was over, the experience was such a positive one for me that I was thrilled I attended. I am also already planning to attend again in the future after some regular season 4 man games so I can continue to improve my skill set. It was a much better experience for me than what I had expected it to be and am SUPER glad I attended. The small class size and the attention to detail was amazing! Also, I very much appreciated the minute to minute planning when it came to our itinerary. I didn't feel that we ever had wasted time and the flexibility to change the game plan after on-site assessment of the attendee's growth and talent level kept the instruction pertinent. "

UTI 2 Man Umpire Clinic Students

Brad Lietz


Chandler, AZ

"I really enjoyed the small groups and the attention each person received. I enjoyed seeing the 2 man mechanic in action the way it is supposed to  be done. I had never seen that. Only read about it. Thought the handling  of conflict was the best part of the entire training! I thought everyone was truly great! The knowledge and experience they  all have is amazing. So impressed that guys with such accolades would be  willing to come hang with us and share all they could. I learned a ton just watching, listening and building those mental reps.  I felt the experience was well worth my time and love the affordable  price. Overall, I was really  impressed. Great job!! I hope to do it again when I can fully  participate."

Harold DeGuzman


San Jose, CA

"Good classroom, it was an opportunity to take notes on great fundamentals! Favorite part! Helps to get to a point of “unconscious competent” because you get to really “practice to become permanent!" Loved the live scrimmage with junior college since we got to really practice live and got immediate feedback.You guys made the clinic. You are all great umpires but what’s more  obvious is how great you all are as people! It’s evident you guys love  what you do and you believe in what you preach...”humility”! Thank you  for welcoming even rookies like me! I can’t thank you all enough for such a fantastic experience!"

Chad Wilson


Phoenix, AZ

"I loved the videos and the way they flowed into our discussions.  I loved the small groups and 1 on 1 interaction with the instructors.  There was no wasted time, all very structured and it flowed very smooth. Each instructor was so knowledgeable.  The fact that  they are all so humble really made it work. This is one of many reasons this is the  best clinic out there. Each one of these instructors WANTED to be there. They were truly positive and encouraging and were there  for us. I am forever grateful and know I will be a better umpire  every time I walk on the diamond. To all of our instructors and to Ted Barrett (MLB Umpire) and Fonzie Marquez (MLB Umpire), I want  to say a great Big THANK YOU for investing your time with this great  group guys and helping us get better."

Darryl Johnson


Marina, CA

"Plenty of content and videos allowing the group to following real situations. Enjoyed getting insight from several Instructors and the ratio between students. Absolutely worth it. Informative, engaging and well done. The ability to  talk to many different skill levels without overwhelming some and  boring others was spot one. Steve has done a great job with keeping  me(us) in the moment. Travis and Kellen added the balance needed and the  Certificate of completion brought out the kid in all of us."

Bob Hemmerle


Phoenix, AZ

"Training on field was great. Situational arguments and how to be  approachable, willing to listen, giving warnings, when to dump coaches,  just outstanding. All the instructors were willing to share insights that when practiced make us better umpires. UTI, a collection of master umpires,  has found a way to teach the best  habits and skills of umpiring in an environment of openness and the  highest learning. Steve Mattingly and his team have set a high bar, and  umpires come away from this experience wiser and more highly skilled.  Best bang for the buck in baseball."

MIke Curtis


Phoenix, AZ

"Perfect facility for our sized group, close personalized instruction, correct amount of time spend at each station.  Efficiency.  I thought it was really great they way you kept the drills  moving.  Not wasting time between each umpire rotating in.  And you  could continue with the drill while another instructor worked with the  student that just completed the drill.  The two at once drill was really  efficient, loved it. Great Instructors, I felt that each one of you really cared about each  student and each seemed to know all our names, impressive.  Instructor  knowledge and experience levels were high and it showed.  Having our two  special guest instructors was a nice touch."

Mike Shanahan


Antioch, CA

"I really loved the fact that we got to have more of a one on one engagement. I enjoyed the fact that you explained what we are doing and why we are doing it. I also enjoyed the fact that you showed video so that we could see what you were talking about when it came to rules and how to imply them. I really enjoyed all the instructors. They were all willing to help and answer any questions and help out everyone no matter their skill set. This clinic it was by far the best and most organized clinic I have attended."

Mark Bristow


Mesa, AZ

"Reps, reps, reps. Physical and mental.  Group size was excellent. Anyone paying attention learned  just as much watching someone else, as when they were up.  You guys were awesome. Delivered direction and information in a manner  determined to improve performance without insult and/or injury. Every step in the process is a step toward better umpiring.  If you tell me we will have the exact same clinic last week of February  2019, and you will change nothing from this clinic, I will have my check  in the mail that day to reserve my spot."

Hemant Damle


Tucson, AZ

"All the instructors were detailed in their feedback. I liked being in small groups. I especially enjoyed the demonstrations on handling situations. I think that kind of instruction really set this clinic apart from others.  Everyone is a true professional. All the feedback was  direct, easy to understand, and offered in a manner that was only  designed to help us get better.  Everyone is humble."

Tom Montgomery


Oakley, CA

"I have been to the Black and blue three times in Northern California, I have learned and enjoyed each one of those clinics, the UTI was much more of a family type atmosphere, I really enjoyed and felt like I can talk to any of the instructors on much more of an equal level. Steve, Travis, Jason and all the instructors thank you. I will put the word out and all my associations that this is the clinic we need to attend in the future."

Harvey Tidwell


Mesa, AZ

"I really enjoyed the personal attention of all the instructor's. I enjoyed the breakdowns of the training for both the plate and base umpires, the involvement from the staff insuring that we got it right. The instructors were class acts and the finest that I have been  associated with umpiring, I particularly appreciated the integrity and dignity that they promoted and modeled for us. They are the best in the  business!"

Jon Gross


Sahuarita, AZ

"I think this was a very high quality clinic. The training was second to none. It shows that you love  what you do and that is contagious.  There is always something to learn in various scenarios. Enjoyed discussions on videos. Everyone's sense of humor...kept it light, but informative.  Thank you for taking the time for us. One word I can use to describe it is inspiring. Thank you, just  thank you."